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DLS 2019 Beginner's Guide

Good evening buddy ... this time we will discuss about the functions of the buttons on any version of DLS (2016-2019). For those of you who are still using the old version of DLS, immediately update to the DLS 2019 version to try out new things that were on DLS before. There are several important updates that you must enjoy the latest version. Anything ? let's discuss it!

1. Opening page

DLS 2019 Beginners Guide
Opening Page DLS 2019

In the latest version of DLS, you will see the Real Madrid star, Gareth Bale in white uniform as if celebrating a victory. At the main menu display, there are at least 3 Sub menus, Career, Multiplayer and Events. Career mode is where you play against the team that has been provided by FTG. There you can build a large stadium, buy and sell players or train your team to be the best. In Career mode, usually DLS players play it more.

Then in Multipayer mode, in this versus mode you can enjoy players with friends near you using a Wi-Fi connection. For initial capital. You have 1000 coins that you can use to build a team. While in Events mode, you will be tested by the best teams in the world with the best level, therefore you must have a strong team first before trying this mode. In this mode, once every week will change the form of challenges, such as league, cup and others. If you are able to become champions in one league or championship, you will get a lot of coins, for the first winner 400 coins, 300 for the second and 150 for the champion 3. If the challenges are different, of course the prizes are also different.

2. Career Mode

dls 2019 play guide
Career Mode DLS 2019

On this menu we use the most places. Inside there are 4 main menus, namely, Next Fixture, Team Management, Transfers and My Club. Each of these menus has different functions.

- Next fixture

Here are the tasks or games that you have to complete, the task of completing matches, the task of building a team, arranging players who will perform or formulating accurate strategies to win all matches.

- Team Management

DLS 2019 Play Guide
Team Management DLS 2019

In this menu you can become a team manager, set the strategy of the match, determine the team captain, penalty taker, corner kick taker and others. Here you can also upgrade players from the lowest level to the top level with a value of 100 points. The trick is to tap the player in question then click the button on the lower right side of "Player Development", then select the ability you want for the player.

To set who will be the captain or penalty kicker, you just hit the "Roles" button in the middle of the bottom.

- Transfers

DLS 2019 Play Guide
Tranfers DLS 2019

On this menu, is the place for you to buy or sell players. There are many choices of players there at prices that match their abilities and levels. To buy a player, you just tap the image of the player you want and then the nominal price that you have to pay will appear, the cost can be taken from your own coins. If you want to sell your players, just click or touch the "sell" button in the lower right corner. Then choose which player you want to sell, usually if you sell a player the price will go down compared to when you bought it.

On this Transfer menu, sometimes you also get top players at large discounted prices. Usually the player is still blurry or kept secret and has a high rating.

This menu is also provided by players that you can edit yourself, DLS provides for you if you want your name or your favorite legendary player can play on DLS. For example, if you want Zinadine Zidane, then edit the player according to the characteristics of Zinadine, from the hair model, eye or jambang, try to match the skin color. Similarly, if your name wants to appear in the game, you can set it according to the characteristics of your own body. But to get this kind of player is not easy, because the arrival cannot be ascertained, certain days or appear in one week once, of course with a price that is quite expensive. Remember the price here is the number of coins that you can exchange to get certain facilities in this game.

- My Club

DLS 2019 Play Guide
My Club DLS 2019
The next menu is My Club, which is where you manually manage your team, see game statistics and train teams such as dribbling, entering goals against opponents or doing corner kicks.

In this menu, you can also set your stadium, choose the look of grass, stands or give accessories in the stadium area. You can also change the stadium name to the name you want by clicking on the stadium there you can set it.

In the Objectives menu, explain your important task in completing many matches. If you are able to finish it at the end of one competition, you will get additional points.

Next, Costumize Team. Here you can manage the appearance of your team. change logos, set costumes or jersey, change team names and so on.

DLS 2019 Play Guide
Costumize Team

To change the team logo and jersey, you must attach a certain url so that the team jersey becomes more attractive. You can turn it into a jersey Chelsea, Real Madrid or Barcelona as you wish. For the way we have reviewed the previous article. Read How to Change Kit DLS

3. Option

This menu can be found in the upper left corner. This menu is useful for you in managing games, such as language display, camera display, displaying the names of enemy players and many others.

On the Advance menu, it works for you to combine with your Facebook or email account. If you activate this mode, your social media friends playing on DLS will be visible.

The Controls menu allows you to set the button's response to be high or low.

Audio menu to adjust sound settings.

Display menu functions to display the player's information when the game is running, such as player names, radar, display score and analog stick.

So are some guidelines for those of you who have just tried this game. May be useful!

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