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Friday, August 9, 2019

7 Video Editing Applications For Android That Are Widely Used - Original & Mod

This application is suitable for your fun to edit or as your main video editor. Video editing application on Android is very simple but has interesting features that are not infrequent beginners YouTubers use this video editing application because its use is so simple. This application now has two versions, the geratis version has few features and the premium version has complete features. But do not worry, I will give you two choices in the original playstore and Mod that has been modified so that the premium version can be enjoyed by you.

And these are the 7 applications that I recommend for you, especially if you want to become a beginner vloger you must have one of these applications.

1. KineMaster

kinemaster is an interesting and professional application that recruits me because of its complete and easy to use features like i movie: D


2. Adobe Premier Clip

Adobe Presents a special smartphone application, which we can now enjoy Adobe Premiere Clip on Android which I look forward to. Adobe Premiere Clip has many interesting features in it & its use is simple and simple.

3. FilmoraGo - Free video editing

One more filmora application is also present in the smartphone version, this application was once available on a PC, but as often as the technology develops finally this application offers a smartphone version. Same thing with the previous discussion filmora application also has interesting and simple features.

4. Video Director Power

You need a professional video editing application, but on a smartphone, the Power Director application is the solution. By using this application you can insert videos and even 2 audio timelines though.

download 1 (ori), download 2 (mod)

5. VivaVideo

 You are certainly familiar with this name VivaVideo, this application is very commonly used by artists. Because this application is indeed very easy to use and suitable for people who do not have much time. This application has more than 200 filters that you can exposed, besides VivaVideo also features Stickers, text input and supports slow motion.

6. Video Show

Video Show application is an application that I think is good for editing videos because there are many features in it such as filter effects, text and strokes, if you say this application is quite comparable to Adobe Premiere Clip.

7. Magistro

Finally, the megistro video editing application is very simple and is not intended for those of you who need professional video editing. if in my opinion this application is suitable for you Facebook social children: D.

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