Athletic Bilbao Kits DLS 2019-2020

Athletic Club Bilbao for the Basques is an iconic representation of their political and cultural identity. During the time of King Alfonso, Athletic Club Bilbao was considered as a club that was close to the rebellion, due to the strong ideological influence of the Basque nationalist figure, Sabino Arana, founder of the Basque National Party therefore, Athletic Club Bilbao was not given the crown logo and appendage estate by the party of the Kingdom of Spain.

During the Second Republic of Spain, one of their former players, Jose Antonio Aguirre was appointed as Lehendakari (regional president - the level of governor, but had the authority as president) by the Spanish Government at that time.

When the Spanish Civil War broke out, Lehendakari Aguirre sided with Republican Loyalists in the face of Nationalist Forces led by General Francesco Franco. The impact was when the Civil War ended, and the Nationalist group won the war, General Franco rose as the leader of Spain, this impacted the existence of the Basque Ethics, including Athletic Club Bilbao, who suffered oppression by being obliged to change the symbol and name to Atletico Bilbao.

The repression during Franco's rule made the Athletic Club Bilbao have links with the Basque separatist terrorist group, Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (ETA), although some support groups did not fully support ETA.



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