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Hello, friends wherever you are!  The last few days I vacuum to publish the kit to you like before. In that time span, I made some observations to many similar sites like this one I managed. From these search results, I found several sites that too…

Corinthians Kits DLS/FTS 2019-2020

This is the new Corinthians 2019 home football shirt by Nike.

In 2009, Ronaldo made his debut for Corinthians to highlight a new era in the club's history and overturn the critics. This new shirt is predominantly white with nine thin black vertical stripes, a reference to the eternal R9.

On the inside of the neck, we find the number 9 inside the silhouette of the Corinthians logo. On the back, the font used for the numbers is a reference to the shirt worn in 2009. The signature of Ronaldo completes the tribute.

The new home kit will be used during the 2019 Campeonato Brasileiro Série A which is the 63rd season of the Série A, the top level of professional football in Brazil.

This is the new Corinthians 2019 Away football shirt by Nike, which is inspired by 50 years of the fan organization "Gaviões da Fiel".

Gaviões da Fiel was founded on 1 July 1969, but its ideology began to be thought of before. In 1965, young Corinthians fans gathered in the stands in order to question the political and administrative life of the Corinthians. The members gathered in different locations, members homes, workplaces, & public squares. This group was distinguished by a passion for the club and have characteristics idealizing and fulfilling. The foundation of Gaviões, on 1 July 1969, came during a bleak time for Brazilians, amidst the military dictatorship.


Home V1

Home V2

Away V1

Away V2

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