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Speaking of exciting and interesting photo editing applications, there is currently a new photo-editing application that is currently very popular among teenagers both men and women. This booming application is called Faceapp.

This Faceapp application is a photo editing application that can "snap" your selfies with a number of effects, such as changing your face to look like parents, children, men to women.

FaceApp Pro

This Faceapp application utilizes artificial neural network intelligence, so this can change your face with a very realistic effect and as if it were not made for. This Faceapp application was developed by a startup called Wireless Lab OOO from Russia.

No wonder lately the Instagram, Twitter, and also other social media lines are filled with face images with various versions. Starting from the young, old to turn into the opposite sex.

But because this application is available for free on the Google Play Store, the developers of this application also greatly limit its features. Like giving a watermark "Faceapp" on a photo that has been finished edited and saved. If you want to remove the watermark, then you have to pay a sum of money to get the Faceapp Pro Full Version application.

But take it easy, because on this occasion I will share the Faceapp Pro Full Version download link, so you can edit your photos freely without having to pay a certain amount of money. But before that, I will discuss this Faceapp application further.

How to Use the Faceapp Application?

To be able to use Faceapp's photo editing application, you have to do the following steps:
  1. To be able to use this application, of course, you have to download it first, both through the Google Play Store and the App Store.
  2. When you have finished downloading, please enter into the Faceapp application then select which photos you want to edit.
  3. You should use photos of faces with natural expressions, as much as possible do not use photos that are smiling or other facial expressions.
  4. After you finish choosing which photos you want to edit, FaceApp will give you several tool options for editing to be old, young, male, or female. There are also double choices for young and old or college for four photos with four effects at once.
As I discussed above, to be able to edit a face photo, the Faceapp application actually uses a technology called Neural Face Transformation. This technology uses artificial intelligence that can recognize facial nerves so that the resulting photo can match the contours of the face. So far there has been no sophisticated application in this case because adding it to the face is not only about folding the lips, but all parts of the face also move.

Name:  Faceapp Pro
Type of Photo:  Editing Application
12MB:  in size
Free price

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