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How to Make a Creative 3D Cartoon Film on Android

In this era of IT technology, anyone can make their own cartoon characters easily. Ranging from low-level cartoons to high-level cartoons.

Before exploring further, we need to know first the understanding of the cartoon itself. Cartoons are pictures with interesting shapes that are entertaining and intend to tell an event. The cartoon we mean at the moment is a cartoon that has the ability to move, talk and do various things to dance and sing. All that can be done thanks to a cartoon maker or can be called a cartoonist / animator. The person who plays the voice of a cartoon character is called a dubber. But nowadays advanced technology has been able to make electronic sounds without the need for humans.

There is often a likeness between cartoons and anime. Actually between the two there is no difference, but the otaku or fans of Japanese anime use that name to give a different call between Japanese-made and non-Japanese animation.

And 3D or 3-dimensional is a form where we can see all sides ranging from height to width. Resembles the shape in the real world. So 3D cartoon is an animated form with graphics that resemble real shapes. These 3D cartoons are often encountered in Android games, everyday cartoons to animations that appear in theaters.

As already said at the beginning, now 3D cartoons can be made by anyone thanks to the help of the android application. Usually a professional animator will use a PC or laptop device with high hardware specifications. But for friends who use smartphones, now many 3D cartoon maker applications. Here's the list:

  • Zoobe

Zoobe is quite famous among smartphone users. Zoobe provides services to create animated cartoons and voice messages using cartoon characters. This application already provides many famous cartoons such as Hotel Transylvania 2 and others. This application is very interesting because it is able to provide voice messages. For example when you say a sentence like "I LOVE YOU" then the animation will speak.

  • Animate It!

If you are very interested in the 3D world, especially the animation, then this one application is perfect for venting all your creativity. Animate It! It has provided various forms of funny and interesting characters and your job is to provide activities to these characters, such as backward, forward, right and left sideways, even you can make movements like dancing.

  • Veeme Avatar Creator

With the Veeme application you can move everything. You can make an avatar or character then complete it with other clothes and accessories. And allows you to give themes and backgrounds in your animation. In the application you will create a Veeme account which you can then get free gems that you can use to buy virtual accessories for the next 3D animation.

  • Toontastic 3D

This application is a new application from Google. This application is intended for you who are very interested and want to make your own 3D cartoon. This application will be a means of channeling your imagination into a 3D cartoon that has some unique abilities.

  • Insta 3D

This Insta 3D application can have the ability to turn your real face photos into realistic 3D cartoons. You only need to take a photo then convert it to an avatar or cartoon character. Not only this application can also be moved like dancing and other movements.

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