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Friday, August 2, 2019

Live NetTV apk Download v4.6 Latest premises 2019

Live NetTV apk Download v4.6 Latest premises 2019 latest features specifically for Android along with an explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of the application.


Often we cannot watch a TV show that we really like, or miss a TV program that we really want to watch is caused by several things, such as when the program airs on TV but we are not at home, or we cannot watching because losing a remote battle with a younger sibling or brother who wants to watch another tv program.

Live NetTV APK

However, in this all-sophisticated world, problems like I mentioned above won't happen again, now you can watch a TV program using only your smartphone through an online site or application.

Therefore, on this occasion I will share an application that you can use to watch a program or TV program using your smartphone. The application is named Live NetTV. Why do I give an application to watch TV and why not an online site, because in my opinion using an application we don't have to bother entering our cellphone browser then typing the link, with the application we can watch TV via smartphone with just one click.

What is Live NetTV?

Live NetTV is a first class live TV application for smartphones. This application not only provides Indonesian TV channels, but also all over the world. There are more than 700 TV channels available on Live NetTV. You can enjoy all the channels on Live NetTV for free, but Live NetTV itself contains advertisements.
TV channels from countries such as India, United Kingdom, United States, Countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia are the most watched TV channels on Live NetTV today.

Live NetTV feature
Some of the features found on this NetTV Live application are as follows:

  • Can choose channels by category

This NetTV Live application divides all channels into various applications that will make it easier for you to find what program you are going to watch.

  • Use a search engine to find what you want

Live NetTV is equipped with an integrated tool that allows you to search for available channels that are classified as Live NetTV parties.

  • Customize channel bidding options

You can use this feature to prepare special channel assignments. In this way, you can delete all tabs (for example, if we only want to see Indonesian channels only), or bookmarks that become your favorite channels.

  • Updated daily

The channels and links in the Live NetTV application will be added and updated every day as soon as possible.

  • External player support

Default support for popular media players including Android Player, XMTV Player, XYZ Player, and your own MX Player.

  • Chromecast support

Cast channels directly to your TV using LocalCast, Bubble UPnP Players, and WebVideoCast.

Advantages of Live NetTV

The Live NetTV application certainly has a number of advantages not shared by other online streaming TV applications or sites, namely:

  1. The interface and display used are very simple and certainly easy to understand by the users
  2. You can filter TV channels that suit your needs
  3. The size of the application is relatively small
  4. This application is absolutely free
  5. You don't need to register and subscribe
  6. Full HD video quality

Download the Apk

Name of Apk Live TV
13MB in size
Android OS 4.0.0
New Version 4.6

How to install
You can install the Live NetTV application with the following steps:

  1. Download apk on the link that I will provide below
  2. Enter your mobile settings menu, then allow installing applications from outside the Play Store
  3. Enter the file manager, find the apk file that you downloaded earlier, then click install
  4. If it's already installed, then the application can be used to watch

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