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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Top Eleven Offline Mod Games

There are lots of Latest Offline Mod Games that are no less exciting than online games like PUBG Mobile, Free Fire and other popular games. This time the admin will give any recommendations for a collection of games that you should try to download and play starting from the genre of War, Adventure, RPG, Simulator, Ball or Sport, Survival, Strategy, Racing and so forth. The Offline Mod game below can be an alternative when you are bored with online games.

Although offline, the quality of the following games is also topnotch ranging from HD quality graphics and small size so it is also light when played. Admin will only share the Mod Apk version, because most gamers today do prefer the MOD version because it is more interesting. The Game Mod versions below include Unlimited Money Mod, Unlock All Items, Unlock All Skills and so on

Actually there are other ways to hack or cheat that is by using a cheat application like Game Guardian, but this tool sometimes works and sometimes it doesn't and of course the name is definitely a risk cheat, so it's better to just download the game directly below. Game Guardian itself is very popular also among Gamers Mobile lovers.

The development of Mobile Games is indeed very rapid now. Lots of Mobile Games that are currently very popular, just call it Mobile Legends, PUBG Mobile, Free Fire and others. Now when you can't be online, the following Game ofline mod can be an alternative to get rid of boredom.

Even the Mobile Legends game now has a MOD version. Okay, let's get straight for those of you who can't wait, here you can download the best updated HD Mod game offline.

1. Bus Simulator Indonesia

In the first place there is a game with a Simulation Genre namely Bus Simulator Indonesia or commonly known as BUSSID. The gameplay is very interesting, you will become a bus driver who runs missions starting from delivering goods, passengers or just a "wandering" mode.

I personally like this game because we can custom the vehicles we use in this game starting from the bus, even we can also replace it with a car or truck. You can download the Bussid Mod Game to use the vehicle you like.

Besides the light size also makes us comfortable playing this one game. My own Android phone only has 2 GB of RAM and when I play it there is no lag or cracking.

2. GTA San Andreas Mod

In the next sequence there is Game Legends namely GTA SA android android LITE version. Grand Theft Auto now has a Mobile version which is certainly very interesting to play. San Andreas is the only version of GTA that can be played on a Smartphone. Graphic quality does not need to be asked again, anyway  !.

Of course like the version on PC / Laptop, there is also GTA which has been in MOD Indonesia. There are vehicles, buildings and various unique places in Indonesia that already exist in the GTA San Andreas game.

This game used to be played very often on PS2 and now there are a lot of PPSSPP Iso games that can be played on smartphones, PPSSPP is an emulator of PS2 android games.

How to Install

  • Make sure you have downloaded the .APK file and the data.
  • Extract, then move the OBB data file to the Internal / Android / Data / Paste folder here.
  • Before that, make sure you also have installed the .APK file.
  • Note: When you first play this game, try to select NEW Game, don't resume.
3. Manguni Squad

Here it is one of the FPS-themed games that are really trendy, Manguni Squad.

In this Manguni Squad MOD Apk game, later on you will have to fight enemies who are armed maf *, you must succeed in rescuing people who are held hostage, destroying bandits and making the city at peace.

How to Install
  • For easy installation, just download the .APK + data file first.
  • After that, extract and install the .APK Manguni squad.
  • After being installed, DO NOT play directly.
  • Please copy the com_bigdade_mangunisquad folder to the internal memory folder, precisely in the Android / OBB folder.
  • If there is no OBB folder, please make it in the Android folder.
  • Just play the game!
4. Ultraman ORB

Surely you know Ultraman cartoon? Yes, what if the war besides saving residents, but also making the surrounding buildings damaged 😀. If you 90s generation must be very familiar with this cartoon because in the past almost every week there was always on Local TV. For those of you who miss this cartoon, you can play Ultraman-themed games because there is a version of the Android Game.

This game has the theme of 3vs3 game which is guaranteed to be very exciting, in 2019 there are a lot of search for this game because besides being exciting, the quality of graphics offered is also very qualified for the size of mobile games.

How to Install
  • For how to install it very easy.
  • Click the download link admin share above.
  • Then enter the settings menu, additional settings, then select privacy, enable unknown or unknown sources.
  • After that, just install the application that was already downloaded.
  • To use mod, just install the .APK above then in the 3v3 orb ultraman game automatically there is a mod. If there is still an error, comment below.
How to Get Unlimited Diamond

Next admin just explain briefly how to get unlimited diamonds in this one game.

  • Open and play the excitement of the orb ultraman game above.
  • After that enter the Store menu in the game.
  • Just choose as many diamonds or gold as you want.
  • This game has unlimited Diamonds so you can use it right away.
5. Minecraft

Next there is the Minecraft game that is no less exciting to play, the point in this game you have to be able to complete the main mission of building a new world in the box version. Can make buildings, houses, planes and more. Minecraft is suitable for those of you who like difficult games and need a brain and challenging mind, this also includes a genre of strategy.

Another task is to collect items ranging from wood, stone and so on in order to make the world of beautiful beams. Okay, let's download the minecraft mod apk latest version 2019.

Full features such as unlimited premium skin, texture, anti damage, unlimited breath, max score and so on.

6. Gods of Egyipt

In this game you have to save innocent people, of course, by fighting countless and countless enemies. The story is taken from a film which tells the story of the struggle for royal power in Egypt.

In the film, the 4 figures fighting for power are Horus, the air god, set and ruler of the desert.

In the first battle the set defeated Horus and took his eyes then became God of Egypt. Then there was the person named BEK who helped Horus to regain the throne of the kingdom by taking the eyes of Horus that were kept by the set.

Because when the set is in power to be God of Egypt, injustice arises among the people, this is where the excitement of this war game.

7. FPS Team War Mod Money

Just like building Squad, for this one the FPS genre is no less cool. You will be an agent here given a special mission. There are 2 teams that fight each other where we can choose to play the solo version or group mode.

For groups, 5 people or team members will be more exciting!

Apk Info:

Name         : FPS Team War
Size            : 94MB
Mode         : Offline
Specifications: A minimum of 512MB RAM

8. Farming Simulator

One of the other popular Android games, Farming Simulator, tells us that we are the best farmers in the world, who of course have to harvest, sow crops and make coffers.

We can use the harvest money to buy agricultural machinery to advance our agricultural business.

Even though it looks simple it is guaranteed that this game will be very exciting especially with super HD graphics.

Apk Info:

  • Name: Farming Simulator
  • Size: 15MB APK, 138MB OBB Data
  • Version: 1.4.0
  • Offline!
  • Genre: Simulation
  • Developer: GIANTS SOFTWARE
  • Specifications: Minimum RAM 512MB

 9. Clash of Clans

Who does not know this phenomenal game? Yes, even though this game is old, but until now this game is still one of the best because of the excitement and the quality of HD APK graphics, so it makes you feel at home when played.

Now there is a Clash of Clans mod apk, of course, because this is an online game, so the name MOD obviously has its own risks, but it's up to you guys whether you want to use it or not, here the admin only shares it.

There are several advantages in this COC mod game ranging from unlimited gems, elixir features, building villages to be cool fortresses, increasing barbarian troops, archers, many cannons, towers to defend the village and so on.

10. FTS Mod

This game, commonly known as FTS, is quite popular. For those of you whose smartphone specifications are not too WAW, you can play this offline ball game because of its light size and can be played on mobile phones with middle and even low specs.

Although it is lightweight but make no mistake, the quality of this game is also good, both in terms of graphics, gameplay and so on. Well as usual, football game lovers in Indonesia definitely want to play with clubs from the Indonesian League.

Later in this FTS game there is the Indonesian League from League 1 to League 3 full transfers.

11. Dream League Soccer

Dream League Soccer or commonly known as "DLS" is an offline soccer game that is very popular among mobile users. DLS is very good in terms of graphics quality and also its size is not too heavy so many people are interested to play it. This game can really be installed and played on a smartphone with 1GB of RAM though.

But as usual, in this soccer game there are no clubs from the Indonesian League. There are only clubs from foreign league leagues. But take it easy, for those of you who want to use clubs and Indonesian league players, you can still make it happen by downloading Dream League Soccer 2019 apk for Gojek league mod and Indonesian National Team that will be admin share this time.

Update! Under this there is no Indonesian mod because the old mod is broken, it will be updated again for the Indonesian club mod.
Link Download