West Ham United Kits 2019 512×512 & Logo (DLS)

West Ham United Kits 2019 512×512 & Logo (DLS)

By using the below procedure you can download the kits such as west ham away kit 19, west ham home kit 19, west ham third kit 19 and all other famous kits of this team so use these kits and play with more excitement.

  • “Copy The URL of your Favorite Kit or Logo“>
  • Now go to “My Club“>
  • Hit “Customise Team“>
  • Click on “Edit Kit” or “Edit Logo”>
  • Chose “Download” >
  • “Paste The URL”

With the above procedure you can get any kind of dream league soccer 2019 kits but you must know their specific DLS URL’s then only you can download and you can use them for your team.

Now we have to know the URL’s and also their preview images because with that images you will get some better clarity using them for your team players such as goal keeper, home player,..etc.

From the below mentioned 512×512 URL’s you can get only West Ham United kits, so make sure you are belongs to this team or any other else.

West Ham United Logo

WestHam Home Kits

West Ham Away

West Ham GK 1

West Ham GK 2

These are the best dream league soccer kits world cup 2019 West Ham United, we hope these kits will be helping you a lot and also you will be enjoying a more with this DLS team.

If you want to ask any new kits for your DLS team, simply comment below and we will share those team kits as soon as possible as we can.
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