Kashiwa Reysol New Season 20/21 Kit DLS 2020

Kit and Logo Kashiwa Reysol J1- League - In this post, we are giving a method to apply them for your favorite players and also providing the working URL’s of all types of kits like GK kits and all other normal kits like the home kit, away kit and also the third kit. So let’s get started with the simple method and then go with the URLs.

If we want to apply any types of kits, we just need two aspects such as 512×512 kits URL’s and also the method to apply them to the players. So first of all we are giving the method and then we will provide the URL’s from the below lines along with their images.

How to change the latest DLS 2020 Kit
How to replace the below kit DLS applies to all versions of the DLS game.
  • Turn on Internet connection
  • Open the game first
  • Select My CLUB
  • Click Customize Team
  • If you have selected Edit Kit to replace your DLS kit
  • Click the Download button at the bottom left
  • Paste the download link of the kit DLS that has been copied in the available column
  • Click Confirm



GK Home

Kashiwa Logo PNG

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