Kits DLS Manchester United Season 20/21

Kit Manchester United Season 20/21 - The Adidas Manchester United 20-21 home shirt is predominantly red with white logos. The 3 Stripes, placed on the shoulders of the shirt, are also white.

As expected, a black-and-yellow stripe graphic appears all-over the Manchester United 2020-21 home jersey - although it's application is much less jarring than initially feared.

The stripes of the Manchester United 20-21 kit pattern are aligned horizontally and have a much more subtle overall appearance, almost meshing with the red base to create a melange effect.

Manchester United Home Kit

This is the new Adidas Manchester United away jersey for 20-21.

The Adidas Manchester United 2020-2021 away jersey is predominantly 'legacy green' with monochrome off-white logos and a subtle all-over pattern print.

The Adidas stripes, which are placed on the shoulders of the Adidas Manchester United 2020-2021 away football shirt, have the same color as the brand and club logos on the chest.

Manchester United Away Kit

Manchester United GK Home

Manchester United Logo

How to change the latest DLS 2020 Kit
How to replace the below kit DLS applies to all versions of the DLS game.
  • Turn on Internet connection
  • Open the game first
  • Select My CLUB
  • Click Customize Team
  • If you have selected Edit Kit to replace your DLS kit
  • Click the Download button at the bottom left
  • Paste the download link of the kit DLS that has been copied in the available column
  • Click Confirm
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