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Hello, friends wherever you are!  The last few days I vacuum to publish the kit to you like before. In that time span, I made some observations to many similar sites like this one I managed. From these search results, I found several sites that too…

Zeus F.C Crotone 20/21 Kits DLS 2021

F.C Crotone 20/21 Kits DLS 20 - Football Club Crotone S.r.l., commonly referred to as Crotone, is an Italian football club based in Crotone, Calabria. Founded in 1910, it holds its home games at Stadio Ezio Scida, which has a 16,547-seat capacity.

Arena/Stadium: Stadio Ezio Scida

Head coach: Giovanni Stroppa

League: Serie B

Location: Crotone, Italy

Chairperson: Gianni Vrenna

Zeus FC Crotone Jersey 2020/21

crotone fc kit

Crotone 2020/21 Home Kit

The Zeus FC Crotone 2020-21 shirt boasts a one-of-a-kind design in the club's traditional red and navy blue colors, combined with grey for logos.

The Zeus Crotone 20-21 home jersey comes with relatively thick stripes that include a zig-zag pattern and grey applications. In the lower-left of the Zeus Crotone, 20-21 home jersey is a subtle embossed sharp element taken from the club logo.

The shorts of the FC Crotone 2020-21 home kit are navy.

Crotone 2020/21 Away Kit

Just as the home jersey, the Zeus FC Crotone 2020-21 away football shirt has an extraordinary look. Mainly white, the Zeus FC Crotone 2020-2021 away jersey boasts a red and blue graphic design inspired by the map and landscape of the city of Cortone.

Crotone 2020/21 Third Kit

Possibly the most striking shirt of the collection, the Zeus FC Crotone 2020-2021 third football shirt is military green with striking pinkish-red logos and applications. The Zeus Crotone 20-21 third shirt also has an all-over graphic.

URL F.C Crotone Kit 2020 for Dream League Soccer 2021

F.C Crotone DLS Kits included Home, Away, Third, GK 1, GK 2, and Logo PNG 512 x512.
Crotone 2020 Home Kits DLS 2021
Crotone 2020 Home Kits DLS 2021
F.C Crotone Away Kits DLS 2020
F.C Crotone Away Kits DLS 2020
F.C Crotone Third Kits DLS 2020
F.C Crotone Third Kits DLS 2020
F.C Crotone GK Kits DLS 2020
F.C Crotone GK Kits DLS 2020
F.C Crotone GK Kits 2
fc crotone
F.C Crotone Logo PNG
F.C Crotone Logo PNG

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