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Why do so many people migrate from WhatsApp to Telegram

 Kabartekno.online - Because now WhatsApp enforces a rule that if you do not want to share your data with Facebook, then stop using WhatsApp. 

Why do so many people migrate from WhatsApp to Telegram? Because:

Telegram is more stringent in terms of data encryption, almost from the first time using Telegram until now it's been about 4 Years of using it never at all I heard Telegram leaked its user data.

Unlike WhatsApp, Telegram is a cloud-based application with unlimited synchronization, which can let its users switch devices without having to rely on a mobile device in order to always connect, and can be accessed from many devices at once.

Sharing photos, videos, or files can be up to 2 GB, and stored in the cloud if you don't want to store them on your device, and won't be lost unless deleted.

The Telegram API opens, which lets developers create their own Telegram apps. Telegram also has an API bot, a platform for developers that lets anyone easily create a special tool for Telegram.

Maximum group members can reach 200 thousand.

If you want your conversations to be secure, Telegram has a Secret Chat feature, although this feature is now only available on mobile versions.

Many stickers are free in different types and you can create your own stickers.

It has a folder feature, which allows its users to group groups, bots, other users, channels as they please. 

The message is editable(For me it's one of the important things)

It has a channel that is useful for sending something like updates and can have followers who can see the update.

His phone number, whose type of privacy can be set, wants to be shown or not. Instead of a phone number, to contact another user can use a username. Usernames are also useful as access to groups, channels, and bots.

Telegram is more secure than WhatsApp and Line. Telegram uses the basis of the MTProto protocol. 

Telegram supports 2 layers of security encryption. Server-client encryption is used in cloud chats(Private and group conversations). Secret Chat uses additional encryption from clients.

Telegram is more open, the source code, protocol, and API can be checked by yourself on the Telegram page. 

"Anyone who claims that a Telegram message can be deciphered is welcome to prove that claim in our competition and win $300,000. You can see the Telegram Cracking Contest Description to learn more. Any comments about Telegram's security were received at security@telegram.org. All submissions resulting in code or configuration changes are eligible for rewards, ranging from $100 to $100,000 or more, depending on the severity of the problem. Please note that we cannot offer a reward for a problem that is disclosed to the public before the issue is fixed." (Turns out this contest is now over)

It does not cause slow or lagging because there are too many chats or messages, at least in my experience that currently the unread messages have amounted to 13 Million more and do not become slow at all. Just depends on how stable your connection is.

There are game bots played by many people. Such as Idle Town bot, Kampung Maifam bot, Digital Master bot, Truth or Dare! bot, Gamee bot(Which provides a wide variety of games from GAMEE - Play games, WIN REAL CASH! , UNO bots, Werewolf bots, BlackWerewolf Thirty-One Moderator bots, Majority Quiz bots, etc.

Can report a message if you think it's inappropriate, including the reason why you reported the message.

Telegram has a pinned message feature aka embedded message, which can make important messages to be embedded on top of group chats and not drowned by other messages.

Telegram can play music in the background just like any other music player.

Can pin 5 chats at once.

Able to stream video without having to be downloaded first until finished (For more details I do not understand, but said friend I only support for video format in the form of .mp4 & .mkv, as well as upload it through media features, not files.

It has an Archived Chats feature, which is useful for archiving chats in case it is rarely opened or never opened again to be stored in 1 group for easy access.

Telegram has a Telegraph feature that can quickly and easily create articles.

Telegram has a multiple accounts feature, which is useful for using multiple accounts at once on just one device. For now, the maximum number of accounts that can be supported in the official Telegram application is 3.

It has a Schedule Message feature, which is a feature that can allow you to send scheduled messages, this will be very useful for people who want not to forget what message to send at what time.

Having to Send Without the Sound feature, aka sending voiceless messages, is useful for those of you who are afraid to send a message to someone, but you do not want to disturb them, such as they are busy or resting, even if the destination turns on the notification sound, then when received will not sound.

It has a People Nearby feature, which you can use to search for Telegram users around you. Although to be honest I am not comfortable using this feature because it does not add acquaintances, instead used for salesperson promotions that for me is quite annoying.

The Telegram theme can be modified to the user's liking, even until the text size can be changed to want a smaller or larger one.

It has a poll feature aka polls, which allows the author to search for what other users prefer.

Having Saved Messages feature aka saved messages, if you want to save something so you don't forget, this feature is very useful, because all you can see is you.

Accounts, bots, and channels can be searched in the search field even if they do not include saved contacts, as Telegram does not rely on phone numbers.

Its search feature, which can include global search, means you can search for a group or channel even if you haven't joined them yet or not.

The search feature in the chat can be used to search all the message history of a person only.

A search feature in its chats that can search for a message by time.

It has statistical features that can be seen in groups or channels as long as you are an admin there, although for now, it is only available in the mobile version.

If you have problems or questions about Telegram, you can use ask a question feature, which is a feature that answers if you have problems or questions to Volunteer Support that is only available in the mobile version (Although do not expect a reply, in my own experience).


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