Download Champion of the Fields 0.103.1 Update 2021-03-17


The description of Champion of the Fields

"Champion of the Fields" is a real-time controlled mobile football competition game. The game operation uses the right 4+1 button pattern, to deliver a fun experience in a football game just like on a live server, with real-time connectedness across PC, Apple, Android platforms. Players seem to be on a football field, with vivid individual characters, exciting real-time competitions, smooth control, bringing a new experience of football competition in mobile games for game lovers.

"Champion of the Fields" has obtained an official license from FIFPro. Players can coach real footballers themselves, assemble their own team of legends, step on the Top of the Green Field, enjoy the fun and honor in the world of football!

[Fair Competition]: Conquer the green field with the ability

The game's greatest appeal in returning the sport of football to its original charm, the accurate "4+1 button control" pattern, the combination of the joystick and the right-left button, allow players to control the technique and coordination of the team to determine the outcome of the match. Both star players and novice players on the green, all can show their skills as much as possible here.

[Real-Time Duel]: Smooth and smooth free operation

Smooth and smooth PVP duels online, accurate control through joysticks and buttons, whether you're shooting while attacking, direct passes, short passes, or sliding tackles while defending, guarding, changing ballplayers can all be done flexibly. You can even perform movements with high difficulty such as long passes, bait shots, push shots, one-two passes, Marseille turns.

[Football Recruitment]: Form your dream football team

In the game, you can train any soccer player until you reach the world's top standards. You can also recruit famous star players into your club! Manage your favorite star players and teams, then take them to the top of the world!

[FIFPro license]: A variety of real star players

Having obtained an official license from FIFPro, through direct contracts with FIFPro, with 63 countries, tens of thousands of real professional footballers, the appearance of footballers is real, resulting in a real and distinctive atmosphere in the world of football. Fight alongside the world's top star players today, form your own star formation!

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Champion of the Fields 0.103.1 Update 2021-03-17

  • Cancellation of confirmation 2x when changing players in a match.
  • Defenders in the penalty area became more active.
  • The pressure in the center field defense is reduced.
  • Optimization of the route of the ball pass and the AI position of teammates when attacking.
  • Balance adjustment in long-range kicks.
  • Additional operand direction settings and motion precision settings.
  • Optimization of smooth matches for low-end phones.
  • An entirely new version of the club, additional football shoe settings.

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