Season 2021-2022 Jersey Leaks & Prediction

 21-22 Kit Leaks - Today I will inform you about the leak of jerseys from the top European teams that will be introduced in the 2021-2022 season. This leak has an accuracy rate of up to 70% and is taken from a very accountable source. Some teams already have an idea of what kind of kit they will wear. But many also have not given more detailed info. 

Here is a leak of the 2021-2022 season jersey that is waiting for you. 

AC Milan 2021-2022 Home Jersey Prediction

The Puma Milan 2021-2022 home jersey is set to introduce a modern and fresh take on the club's traditional red and black stripes. Instead of equally sized stripes, the Puma AC Milan 2021-2022 home football shirt will have vertical stripes of different widths.

Arsenal 2021-2022 Home Jersey 

The Adidas Arsenal FC 2021-2022 shirt introduces a fresh look for the Gunners. It's mainly red ('scarlet') with white sleeves and side panels.
After this season's shirt featured a slightly darker shade of red, the 21-22 edition returns to the same color that was used on the 2018-19 shirt.

White / Scarlet shorts and white socks round off the look.

The Adidas Arsenal 2021-22 jersey will be released in Summer 2021 - late May / June, but most likely in July 2021.
Arsenal Third Jersey 2021-2022

Atletico Madrid 2021-2022

The Nike Atletico Madrid 21-22 home jersey will feature the usual red and white main color of ATM. The official colors are "Sport Red / White" - Sport Red is a standard red, White is Nike's standard white.
What makes the kit unique is the stripes design - the Atlético Madrid 21-22 home kit has brushstroke stripes instead of the classic vertical stripes.

Atletico Madrid 2021-2022 Away Kit

Barcelona FC Home and Away 2021-2022 Jersey Prediction

An all-new look, the Nike FC Barcelona 21-22 shirt features an eye-catching and unusual design inspired by the club crest.
Instead of blue and red stripes, or halves, or any of the variations used in recent years, the Nike Barcelona 2021-22 football shirt takes the graphics from the club badge and applies them to the entire front.
In addition to that, the design transitions from red on the right to blue on the left sleeve. A simple blue crew-neck collar completes the look.
The shirt combines the colors "Soar / Noble Red / Pale Ivory". Pale Ivory is the color used for the AS Roma 20-21 away kit, while the blue and red colors are lighter than those of the current shirt.

The logo of Rakuten appears between the top and bottom portion of the design, in the place where we'd usually see the club initials FCB. Rakuten's deal with FCB was expired until summer 2022.

Bayern Munich Home 2021-2022

Craft Red is a maroonish shade of red that is familiar to Bayern experts - the same accent color was used for the 2015-15 home jersey.
We expect the Three Stripes to be Craft Red, while the logos on the front will be white.

Bayern Munich Away 2021-2022

Chelsea FC Home 2021-2022 

This picture shows our accurate prediction of the Chelsea 2021-2022 home football shirt, made by Nike.
Design-wise, the Chelsea 21-22 home kit features an abstract zig-zag and checker all-over print. The Nike and club logos are yellow whilst the 'Three' emblem is white.
A v-collar is used for the Chelsea 2021-22 home shirt, while there are yellow stripes along the sides.
Nike combines the Chelsea 2021-22 home jersey with Lyon blue/optic yellow shorts and white/optic yellow / rush blue socks.

Chelsea Third Jersey 2021-2022

All in all, we do not know yet how accurate the concept will be to the final design. However, we think that the Chelsea FC 21-22 third kit concept has an accuracy of at least 65%.

Inter Milan 2021-2022 Home

Juventus 2021-2022 Home Jersey

The Adidas Juventus 2021-22 jersey brings back the classic black and white stripes after two years of less than ideal renditions - first the half-and-half design of last season and later the brushstroke stripes of 2020-21.

In terms of design, there are four white and five black stripes on the front, sleeves and lower back of the Juve 21-22 home shirt. Unlike the gold that was expected initially, the Adidas and club logos on the chest of the Juventus 21-22 home kit are white.

Olympic Lyon 2021-2022 Prediction

According to the creator of the concept, it has an accuracy of around 70%. We do not have concrete info about the Adidas Olympique Lyon 2021-2022 home jersey yet.

Manchester United  2021-2022 Kit Leaks

The Adidas Manchester United 2021-2022 jersey will have the same main color as this year - 'Real Red'. The Adidas Man United 2021-2022 home football shirt is set to feature a more clean look, possibly without any graphic elements.
The Adidas Manchester United 2021-22 home shirt will have a crew neck collar and Three Stripes on the shoulders. The Three Stripes could be white or red on red.

The Adidas Man United 21-22 away jersey will be mainly 'Cloud White', the same color used for the Arsenal 20-21 away shirt. The accent color could be 'Glory Blue' - the striking blue color is used for the shorts as the main color.

While nothing concrete about the design is known yet, we can already reveal that the Adidas Manchester United 2021-22 away football shirt "will be remixing the most iconic flavors of Manchester and the club's DNA". It will also have a graphic on it.
Manchester United Home 2021-2022

Manchester United Third

Paris Saint Germain Home 2021-2022

Leaked products give a first hint of how the Paris Saint-Germain 'Hechter' will look like. The PSG 21-22 kit Hechter comes with two white stripes and a red stripe in the middle, with thin navy lines between. The two white are exactly as wide as the single red stripe.

Real Madrid Away 2021-2022

Real Madrid Home 2021-2022

What makes the Adidas Real Madrid CF 2021-22 home shirt unique is a graphic design inspired by the Plaza de Cibeles and its water fountain, where the club celebrates its great achievements. The very subtle design consists of concentric lines that have been added via a Jacquard fabric.

Source: Footyheadlines.com

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