Stop copy and paste

Stop copy and paste

 Keep support me to make a great Dream League Soccer Kits 2021

To those of you who like to take the creations of others, I have to do this as a warning. You did something that I don't think is good for a great site owner to do. It should be if you really appreciate the work of others, you include the source of the author. Here's a small example of what you did with my work.

Here are some ways that you can publish DLS kits from Kabartekno to your site or Channel.

  1. Do not replace the image background
  2. Show the source links visible to your site or page visitors.
  3. You should first ask the site owner for permission by sending an Email or contact person on the page that is already available.
  4. You can change the URL of the image from to or something else
  5. Dream League Soccer Kits Kabartekno not for sale

All you do is change the background view. That's so bad, man.


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