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Dream League Soccer Kits and Logos

Dream League Soccer is an app that you can play on your Android, iOS, or PC Computer device. But if you want to play on a PC screen, you'll need an Android Emulator first. 
For those of you who are very familiar with this game, must have known how to customize the logo of the club and kit. All you have to do is copy the specific URL and paste it into the Game's Club Customisation Menu. 
To do so, you must have a PNG file of 512 x 512 format with a distinctive shape.
You cannot use the Dream League Soccer Kit DLS 2019 format in DLS 2020/2021 games. Since the format is different, please pay attention before you choose the kit with the right format. 

Dream League Soccer Kits

Dream League Soccer Kit is a PNG file that you can use in DLS games. According to the applicable file, the format is 512 x 512 pixels.

If you are a person who likes to play android or iOS football games, surely you have heard or even played this game. Dream League Soccer from FTG is one of those soccer games that are very much played by users in different parts of the world. You can play by choosing from a lot of favorite players to build a strong team.

In addition, you can also customize jerseys from different Leagues.

Dreamleaguesoccerkits.com present to you by giving a lot of kit types. Among them are several leagues, National Team, classic kits, fantasy kits, and more.

National Team Kits Dream League Soccer

National Team Kits from dreamleaguesoccer.com is one of a collection of kits created by the owners of the site that contains a variety of national football team shirt designs from countries around the world. To see what a special Dream League Soccer kit looks like for the national team, you can see it on the National Team Dream League Soccer Kit page

Classic Kits Dream League Soccer

If you like or just reminisce about old kits, the classic Dream League Soccer kit is the right choice for you to see. 

Here you can find the best old jerseys ever worn by certain teams. For example Real Madrid jersey 2004-2005, Chelsea jersey 2003-2004, Brazil jersey 2002-2003, and others. If you are interested in trying to use it in Dream League Soccer Game, you can go to the Classic Dream League Soccer kit page.

Fantasy Kit Dream League Soccer

Aside from the Classic Dream League Soccer Kit, I also have another excellent kit that is Dream League Soccer Kit Fantasy. 

On this page, you are presented with a lot of Dream League Soccer kits from the creations of designer kits freely, but it does not eliminate the distinctive livery of the club. 

By choosing Fantasy Dream League Soccer Kits, your Dream League game is getting better and more comfortable to spend a long time in the game.

Leagues Kits

Furthermore, if you're looking for a kit from your favorite football club, you can search for it on the Leagues Dream League Soccer Kits page.
On this page, you are provided with many different types of jerseys used by the club.
You can get kits from clubs playing in the English Premier League, Italian Serie A, Spanish La Liga, Bundesliga, Brazilian Serie A, MLS USA, Argentine Superliga, Top Asian Leagues, Top African Leagues, Indonesian Leagues, Japanese Leagues, Thai Leagues, and so on.

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